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sex issues and trouble! intimacy guidance, fertility and clear vision on kama sutra, fast typist, ask anything without hesitation

I am gifted, intuitive psychic and i felt this ability since birth and connect with surrounding energy and recognition of lights and energy, i have sixth sense active or say third eye. I can connection with angels, spirits, Ghost and communicate them. I will recognize your positive, negative energy and could be able to guide for your fortune. I also can transmit energy vibes and do distant healing. I shall insight your all aspects and life path i.e. career, work enhancement, promotion, love , affair, relationship, break up, divorce , reunite, dating , past life connection, marriage or kids, financial crisis, money improvement. I can give you solution for your all trouble/ obstacles in your life path. You will find amazing outcome with my solutions, distant healing, and cleansing.

Experience & Qualifications

I am working many years and helping peoples worldwide. I have done thousands of successful readings and get feedback from my clients. I worked as psychic and tarot reading on radio since 2001 to 2006. I do professional readings for individual, companies , societies and celebrities. I shall do my best for your life path so you may choose me as your advisor expert and personal guide.


Intuitive and insight psychic since birth, graduate, study in past life therapy

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